Why Healthy Food?

If you don't eat right, you could spend every day at the gym and still not see the results you want. Our healthy food options are scrumptious and keep you fit.

No Additives
Most fast-food places have additives in their meals that render them unhealthy for consumption. Some of these can make you feel drowsy. Additives are not only terrible for your health but also contribute to feelings of fatigue.

Our healthy food and drinks help your body build muscle, burn excess fat, and keep you alert all day!

Our Selection

The food we serve tastes great and is good for your health. We have acai bowls with delicious fruity toppings, a selection of Oatein products as well as vegan and gluten-free options upon request.

Acai Bowls

Made from the freshest ingredients, our acai bowls will satisfy your tastebuds and fill you up. When you think of acai bowls, you might picture a sugar-filled treat that will instantly make you regret consuming so many calories.

However, our acai bowls are low in fat and provide you with all the energy you

  • need to power through the day. We offer three delicious flavors:
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Very Berry Acai
  • Tropical Acai Bowl

All our flavors give you the boost you need to face what the day throws your way. Additionally, you can choose from blueberries, strawberries, mangoes, bananas, chocolate chips, granola, honey, and coconut toppings to truly customize your acai bowl.

Oatein Bowls

If you are in the mood for healthy food packed with great flavor, our Oatein bowls come in multiple varieties. Our healthy bowls offer the perfect balance of nutrients and taste to give you the best of both worlds. We serve the following five options:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana: Full of delicious chocolate chips, almonds, and bananas for a blend of flavors that suits everyone's tastebuds.
  • Cookie Bar: Almonds and coconuts for that tropical vibe.
  • Monkey Blues: Enjoy a perfect blend of blueberries, cinnamon, and almonds that will keep you coming back for more!
  • Very Berry Bowl: Bursting with the delightful flavor of blueberries, strawberries, coconuts, and almonds-you can't get a healthier bowl than this.
  • Cinnamon Apple Swirl: A delicious mix of apples, cinnamon, and almonds.

Healthy Food Made Delicious

TriLife Nutrition offers some of the best healthy food options in town. We cater to people looking for gluten-free products as well as vegans to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the meal they want. Our meals are perfect for anyone who wants to have a healthy treat without worrying about the calories. So come on down and try some for yourself!